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Genesis Health Products Detox Caloundra

Genesis Health Products Detox Caloundra

TOXINS are poisonous substances produced by living organisms. Detoxing is a way of eliminating these toxins. Toxins are a common problem. Toxins are produced by all sorts of unhealthy organisms that live in humans. These include bacteria, worms, food & water-borne parasites.

Parasites are by far the most successful life form on the planet. Medical experts in one Western country find parasites in over 90% of the people they examine. These unwelcome invaders feed on the nutrients in your food and load you down with their many secretions and excretions (toxins).

You may not feel them, but you will notice the presence of their toxins! Abdominal pain, bad breath, bowel irritation, fluid retention, food sensitivities, joint/muscle pain, allergies, bloating, fatigue, unexplained fevers, chronic vaginal itching, rashes, gas and stomach cramps are just a few of the common signs of the toxins caused by various unhealthy organisms or parasites.

Many popular “Detox Programs” are ineffective as they generally ignore parasites. Effective Detox treatments should also eliminate the true source of toxins – parasites. Not just the toxins themselves. Shorter treatments lasting less than 30 days will not eliminate parasites properly, but leave behind eggs and larvae to live on. Well established or long term infestations often need ongoing treatment lasting 60 or even 90 days to ensure a thorough cleanse.

Finally, no thorough detox treatment is complete without a system recharge. Replenishing your digestive tract with beneficial bacteria boosts your immunity and helps close the door on future infestations.

Detox, then Recharge!

And so Detox is not a quick fix. It encompasses a whole wellness program, weeding out toxins and the parasites that put them there, seeding your system with beneficial bacteria and feeding the process with minerals to make it all work. Detox is more than a buzzword. It is a way of maintaining vibrant health.

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How Common Are Parasites?

Most people are not aware of the danger to their health posed by parasites; nevertheless, if one looks in the right places, one can find a lot of literature on the subject of parasites and the harmful effects they can produce.

Well over 80% of patients we check have some type of parasite or bacteria and the slight inflammation of the abdomen, and unrelated pains and aches which indicate the presence of parasites.

For instance, in a pamphlet put out by a medical manufacturer in America, we read:  Continue reading How Common Are Parasites?

What can be done about Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia was a word that didn’t officially exist until 1990. That was when the American College of Rheumatology identified a list of health factors that suggested a condition that they termed “fibromyalgia”.

How can fibromyalgia be best defined? Nothing can better describe the effects of this condition than can the simple term “chronic pain”.

Previously known for over a century by a number of terms such as fibrocitis, psychogenic rheumatism, chronic muscle pain syndrome or tension myalgias, fibromyalgia is  Continue reading What can be done about Fibromyalgia?

What are minerals & trace elements?

Plants cannot produce minerals. Plants extract and assimilate metallic minerals from the soil they grow in. Through a diet of plant matter, and also by consuming animals that eat plants, humans assimilate minerals.

Like many things in life, minerals, although essential for our well being, are taken for granted. It is only in recent years that the public in general have become aware of these essential building blocks.

There would be no life without minerals. Given the fact that the main source of minerals is from plant matter, and that in most cases plants are grown in mineral deficient soil, it is  Continue reading What are minerals & trace elements?


The World’s Skinniest Fat!

 Coconuts get a lot of bad press. There is a widely held misconception that their saturated fat content raises cholesterol and piles on the kilos. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Modern research has found that coconuts act in quite the reverse. Saturated fats are now recognised as essential to health, with no automatic negative impact on bad cholesterol or retention of fat. (The villains of the fat story are actually Continue reading The World’s Skinniest Fat!

Coconut – The Fruit of Paradise

“Fruit”, I hear you say? Yes, that’s right. Despite the name (and common opinion) coconuts are actually the fruit of the coco palm.

Coconuts come from one of the world’s most versatile trees, with virtually all parts being useful. The leaves are used for making fans, baskets and thatch. The husk fibre is great for mats, stuffing and rope. Coconut timber is highly regarded for its fine grain and high-polish finish. The nutshells make great containers, and even the root can be chewed as a narcotic.

And of course you can Continue reading Coconut – The Fruit of Paradise

The disastrous effects of mineral deficiencies

Inadequate levels of minerals in the human diet cause untold millions to suffer from all manner of avoidable diseases. The following are just a handful of the issues that are related to micro nutrient deficiencies. Of particular concern are the mineral and trace element deficiencies.

Continue reading The disastrous effects of mineral deficiencies

Noni – is it all it’s cracked up to be?

What is Noni?

Scientific name: “Morinda Citrifolia”

The Noni plant (sometimes known as “Indian Mulberry”) is found growing throughout the Pacific islands, often along lava flows and in forest regions up to around 430 meters (1,300 feet). Many islanders refer to it as the “Magic Fruit”.

Continue reading Noni – is it all it’s cracked up to be?


Gingko Biloba is a natural extract from the leaves of the Gingko Biloba tree, believed by many to be the oldest surviving tree on earth. It probably is one of the world’s most widely used therapeutic herbs, being held in high regard by traditional Chinese and Japanese herbalists for millenniums.

And what have they been using it for?


What can CoQ10 do for me?

Cardiovascular Health

Co-Q-10 is necessary for energy production in every cell of the human body. This naturally occuring, vitamin like substance is found primarily in the heart. Co-Q-10 is a nutrient necessary to the functioning of every cell in our bodies. If body levels start dropping, so does our general health.


Co-Q-10 is also known as ubiquinone. It is a member of the quinone cyclic compounds that may be considered a relative of some potent  Continue reading What can CoQ10 do for me?