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Candida Chlorine – the Chlorine Link

Candida Chlorine – the Chlorine Link, is hailed as a wonder of the modern world. Portrayed as a safe disinfectant, Chlorine is used in water supplies worldwide from Portland to New York  to eradicate bacterial infection, rendering it safe to drink.

Chlorine comes with a price though, and that is the worldwide increase in candida-related infections such as thrush. How so?

From the early twentieth century the search was on for a cheap and effective way to disinfect the huge bodies of water required to service our ever-growing cities. Showing promise in halting a typhoid epidemic in England in 1905, chlorination quickly became the method of choice for eliminating pathogens from our water supply.

What does this have to do with candida? Read on for the connection.

Harboring in your intestinal system are 100 trillion beneficial bacteria and yeasts. These organisms are naturally balanced and vital for life. Lurking amongst these is the yeast candida albicans, playing a beneficial role in trace amounts. Good bacteria prey on candida keeping the yeast in our gut at the right levels.

Enter: Chlorinated tap water! Chlorine, designed to kill bacteria, suppress the beneficial bacteria in your gut but leave behind yeasts. Candida, having now lost its predator, proliferates rapidly and colonizes your intestinal system in as little as 4 hours.

Excess candida is then absorbed like a nutrient, and your circulatory system delivers it to all parts of your body. Here it shows up as thrush, tinea, digestive problems, brain fog, white tongue, etc.

And it likely started with the suppression of beneficial bacteria in your gut by chlorine in your water.

Widespread candida infection was born in the 20th century as a result of antibiotics (which also kill bacteria but leave yeasts untouched), modern diets and chlorine in our water supply.

Are you safe if you avoid tap water? No. After all, what do you bathe in? What do you wash with? What do you water your organic vegetable garden with?

If the answer is tap water then chlorine is in your environment constantly suppressing the beneficial bacteria in your gut and leaving the door ajar for candida to proliferate.

This is why candida always comes back – the factors that contribute to its growth are ever present in our modern world. And why the only solution to thrush and other candida-related conditions is regular use of herbal formulas that kill candida. Yes, such remedies do exist, and they work!

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