Itchy Bottom Curse

Itchy Bottom Curse

Itchy Bottom Curse,  Nothing is more frustrating than repeated pinworm infection in children. In fact one of the most common questions we are asked here at Genesis is, “Why do my kids keep getting these worms?”

The answer may surprise you.

Typically parents treat their children with a chocolate square or tablet from the pharmacy that carry the claim of cure from just a single dose, perhaps repeated after 2 weeks. But the story is more complicated than that, and there are little-known factors that render the one or two-shot drug treatments ineffective.

1. Pinworms don’t lay their eggs inside the body.

Yep, that’s right. Ever wondered what those worms are doing down there to cause the itch? They are exiting the body to lay their eggs around the outside of the anus. The drugs do eliminate adult worms on the inside, but what do they do to the eggs already outside the body? Nothing. The drugs don’t ever reach them.

2. Pinworms are prolific breeders.

When we say eggs, we mean lots of them. Mature pinworms can lay up to 20,000 eggs per day.

3. All those eggs go on a journey.

Once laid those thousands of eggs fall off the body into pajamas, underwear and bed clothing. When these items are handled the pinworm eggs become airborne, landing on hard surfaces where they can remain active for up to three weeks. The child later touches a doorknob, eats a piece of fruit, and hey presto! Reinfection has taken place, possibly weeks after taking the drug to kill off these things.

Pinworm reinfestation will keep taking place until the lifecycle is broken. And that requires administering anti-worm treatments on a daily basis beyond the viability of the eggs in the environment – at least 3 weeks.

Herbal treatments have been used in some cases for centuries to successfully eradicate pinworm infection. And unlike pharmaceutical (synthetic) options, herbal remedies are usually safe to take on a daily basis for long enough to break the worm lifecycle.

There is an answer to and Itchy Bottom Curse and persistent pinworm infestation, and it has been there for centuries.

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