Does Jungle Balm Really Work?

Yes, Jungle Balm Really Works! Jungle Balm is Lawang Oil

  • Soothing effects
  • Works within minutes
  • Rub it on – Feel the difference
  • Natural oil from the Indonesian rainforest

Unfortunately we can’t publish claims about this product. Most countries work under tight controls on natural products, even enshrining into their laws that only drugs can cure disease.

As Jungle Balm is a topical application, even “structure/function claims” cannot be used under FDA regulations. These claims, commonly accompanied on the label or websites by the well-known FDA disclaimer, are reserved only for dietary supplements. Natural products that work transdermally, or through the skin, must be registered as drugs before any claims can be made.

Of course if you would like to learn more about how Jungle Balm has been used successfully for hundreds of years in South East Asia, or for decades in countries like Australia, The Netherlands and The United States, feel free to ask in person!

For more information on Jungle Balm please feel free to contact us personally on +1-888-674-0412.

Australian customers may contact us on 1300 791 749.


The team at Genesis.