The disastrous effects of mineral deficiencies

Inadequate levels of minerals in the human diet cause untold millions to suffer from all manner of avoidable diseases. The following are just a handful of the issues that are related to micro nutrient deficiencies. Of particular concern are the mineral and trace element deficiencies.


 Migraine headaches are a debilitating condition that effect hundreds of millions of people. Many have just come to accept migraines as a way of life.

A little known but common cause of migraine headaches is Magnesium deficiency. Sea Minerals are one of the best sources of Magnesium in a balanced electrolyte solution suitable for human use.

Sea Minerals are a rich source of Magnesium


It is commonly believed that Calcium is the only mineral required to avoid crippling conditions such as Arthritis.

Magnesium, and to a lesser degree Boron (a trace element) are also essential for bone health. All the minerals and trace elements work together in a symbiotic relationship in promoting total bone health.

Sea Minerals help promote bone health


There is a direct correlation between the declining food standards and the explosive incidence of the small handful of diseases we have just highlighted. What about the hundreds of other conditions that we haven’t had time to delve into?

It is important to note that the problem with typical food today has less to do with what’s in it as much as “what is not in it!”

Sea Minerals Addresses the Serious Issue of Mineral Deficiencies in our Diet

 Inadequate levels of minerals contribute to a vicious cycle of poverty by impeding the body’s immune system, and by thwarting an individual’s ability to effectively solve problems and work efficiently.

The lack of a range of minerals, nutrients and electrolytes in particular is a catalyst to mental disorders such as ADHD and depression, conditions that are on the rise in developed countries.

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