Cloud Nine Coconut Oil

hawian_smlGenesis Health Products is delighted to offer you a chance to experience the very sensual tastes of the Pacific Islands – all without ever leaving your home.

Genesis has now joined forces with the world’s most respected producers of organic coconut oils from the Pacific region. The result is Cloud Nine Coconut Oil.

Cloud Nine Coconut Oil family of products includes the popular Certified Organic NO Taste Coconut Oil.

Whether for cooking or simply for eating by the spoonful, Cloud Nine serves up the highest quality certified organic coconut oil available.
Cloud Nine provides a great Coconut cooking oil naturally purified of flavour and fragrance. All the healthy benefits of coconut oil even if you don’t like the taste!

How is the taste and odour removed?

It’s not rocket science. Our organic cold-pressed coconut oil is simply filtered through diatomaceous clays and coconut charcoal to remove its strong flavour and odour. The result is highly-quality coconut oil that is suitable for frying, baCloud Nine Coconut Oilking, spreading on the skin, or just eating by the spoonful.

  • Not refined
  • Not chemically bleached
  • Not chemically deodorised
  • Not hydrogenated
  • Just filtered, that’s all

Cloud Nine NO Taste Coconut Oil is not a substitute for virgin coconut oil. The traditional method used to naturally remove the taste and odour will also cause a slight drop in lauric acid content. It is another option to keep in your pantry – a coconut oil that will not overpower the taste and delicious smell of your cooking.

Why is Cloud Nine NO Taste Coconut Oil slightly yellow?

The pale yellow tinge to Cloud Nine NO Taste Coconut Oil is caused during the production stage of filtering the oil through coconut charcoal.

Whether you take coconut oil as a health supplement, or just use it in everyday cooking,  Cloud Nine Coconut Oils will provide you with a standard of health and luxury you may have only rarely experienced.

Enjoy them in good health.

Cloud Nine Coconut Oil is currently available in Australia now