Why all the fatigue

Fatigue in a modern world.

Why all the fatigue?

Are you always tired? Drag your feet through the day?
Fatigued from the moment you wake in the morning?

You are not alone. Exhaustion is common in the modern world. The 24/7 nature of our world makes it difficult to unwind and can easily lead to burnout.

This overwhelming wave of fatigue gripping modern populations may have all sorts of contributing factors, including some that are rarely discussed.

Could your fatigue have a hidden or little-recognised cause? Could a silent infection be playing a part?

In 1991 a study identified active Giardia infection in 46% of chronic fatigue patients. Another study in 2004 reported a high prevalence of chronic fatigue following a major outbreak of Giardia in Norway. These studies are not isolated, and persistent fatigue is noted as a common symptom of giardiasis.

What is Giardia?

Giardia is one of a number of parasites that harbor in contaminated water. While most websites identify “developing countries” as the place to pick up Giardia, wealthy nations are not without risk. The United Kingdom alone reports 50,000 cases of Giardia contamination every year. Wherever water is stored for human consumption then people are at risk.

The Giardia parasite mimics human proteins called tenascins that regulate cell adhesion during wound healing. They break apart cell barriers to make stored nutrients available for the parasite to feed on.

If that is not bad enough, other unhealthy organisms that are present can take advantage of the “ready meals” made available by the Giardia parasite. These other parasites can then proliferate and multiple infections result.

One of the results is overwhelming and long-term fatigue.

Interrupting the digestive process has an immediate effect on energy levels. The body’s resources are also redirected to deal with the infection placing further strain on depleted energy levels. Finally the toxins secreted and excreted by Giardia and it’s co-infections all add to the burden the body is trying to deal with.

It is easy to see how Giardia can result in long-term cases of chronic fatigue, and all types and stages of exhaustion along the way.

Treating Giardia with antibiotics can exacerbate other problems as the drugs effectively nuke the good bacteria in the gut. Probiotics are handy in closing the door on infections returning once they parasites have been eliminated, but are not potent enough to kill of parasites already present in large numbers.

Thankfully certain herbs have been used in some cases for thousands of years to effectively hunt down and kill particular parasites within the system. Combinations of these credentialed natural medicines are being used effectively by practitioners worldwide to safely eliminate Giardia and its common co-infections, restoring health and removing symptoms of infection.

Including fatigue.

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