Vitaklenz 90 Day Detox/Recharge Program

Great for ongoing maintenance

  • Maintains a system clear of unhealthy organisms. Can be repeated continuously
  • Contains 1 bottles of Vitaklenz and 2 bottles of Vitaklenz Recharge
  • 90 day supply. First month: Vitaklenz. Second and third months: Vitaklenz Recharge

Stimulates the body’s defense mechanisms to eliminate unhealthy organisms, and shut the door on future infections.

Contains a 1-month continuous course of Vitaklenz, followed by 2 months of Vitaklenz Recharge.

How do I use the Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program?

Start your course of Vitaklenz Recharge 2 days prior to finishing your Vitaklenz. Despite a small 2 day overlap, it is not necessary to take Vitaklenz and Vitaklenz Recharge simmultaneously.

Weed, Seed & Feed

The Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program is also the second stage of the Genesis Wellness Program.

    First start with: Vitaklenz 60 Day Cleanser (first 2 months).
    Then follow with: Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program (next 3 months).

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Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program is available now